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For ITALIAN MARS SOCIETY presenting Open Knowledge on Mars Mission: “A Discussion on Communication Boundaries and Collaboration”

From april to november I’m involved in a ethnographical research about healthcare and innovation in Milan at WeMake fablab.

As researcher for the innovation of higher education for healthcare professions at the University of Parma I have created a web lab on github you might contribute to: PUNTOZERO

I collaborated with the Education and Training Department of Parma University Hospital, for the design and development of the e-Learning site  FIORE (Formazione Integrata Ospedaliera Risorse Elettroniche) for about a thousand users and more than 150 online environments and researched in Medicine, Health and Society issues. Two environments were designed to include patients as active members of hybrid healthcare communities.

I was an adjunct professor of Anthropology at the University of Parma, at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, teaching a class for future obstetricians on the subjects of virtual ethnography and anthropology analyzing case studies related to Science, Technology, Medicine & Society.

I lectured about Sociology of health to health professional students by co-working online on the e-Learning site of the University, a fb group, a google community, sharing thoughts and with experts and patients around the world. Do you want to know more? socialnursery

As a PhD I’m conducting research in STS (Science, Technology, Society), the history of particle physics and “Energy & Society” issues. By the way I’m also an e-Learning designer, teacher and moderator.

I’m also interested in Sound Studies and ethnography of communities of practice, writing about electronic music, and interviewing a DJ in Rome.
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[] My PhD dissertation about STSGli Anelli di Borromeo – Materia, Conoscenza, Società

[] Seminar in Padova about forms of Digital Exclusion in eLearning; enjoy the realistic book

[] PIXEL – on the use of AR in Anthropology: Training Future Anthropologists by Innovative Means

[] Seminar in Parma: Innovazione e conoscenza: dal libro all’e-book ( part 1 ; part 2 )

[] My portfolio elettronico about myself learning e-Learning skills and theories

[] PANTA REMIX. Epistemologia delle pratiche creative: a crossmedial and collective experiment about politics, copyright, digital art…(thanks FAKE PRESS!)
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